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Growing up Leonie was heavily involved in competitive sport, the Royal Air Force Core and rollerskating. Inspired by Serena Williams, in admiration of her drive and finesse, even though Leonie didn't play tennis, this was the role model she felt was the most relatable, in the sporting world and drew towards her. This highlights Leonie's aim as a photographer which is to increase visual representation of black athletes and participation in sports inclusive of; size - gender- age - Sexuality - Level of play. By capturing this imagery Leonie aims to inspire upcoming generations, encourage exploration of other sports in the black community amongst all age ranges and champion those who are creating pathways or leading in niche sports that are heavily represented by our white counterparts.

Leonie went on to study Sport Science at University, the course was very hands on with athlete testing and research within 4 Key aspects of sport; physiology, nutrition, psychology and elite athlete training. Which goes hand in hand with what she enjoys capturing, creating familiarity for her,  in the world of commercial sports photography. 

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Recent Clients

Aday, Athletic Arrival, Boholocs, Cbeebies, Discarded Spirits, DamiHow, Headspace

Hustle and Heels, Method, Nike, Peanut, Peloton, Sports Direct, Sons of the first tribe, Universal Music


Tel. +44 7983556960


Instagram. leoniemayaisaac

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