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As Leonie was growing up, her life revolved around competitive sports, her involvement in the Royal Air Force Core, and her passion for rollerskating. Her source of inspiration was none other than Serena Williams, a figure she deeply admired for her unparalleled drive and finesse in tennis, a sport Leonie didn't even play. Yet, Serena Williams stood out as the most relatable role model in the world of sports, drawing Leonie closer to her.

This profound admiration for Serena Williams shaped Leonie's mission as a photographer, which is to enhance the visual representation of black athletes and promote inclusivity in sports across various dimensions, including size, gender, age, sexuality, and skill level. Through her lens, Leonie aspires to capture powerful imagery that inspires the generations to come, encourages the black community to explore diverse sports, and celebrates those who are trailblazing in niche sports where representation by white counterparts has been dominant.

Leonie's journey led her to pursue a degree in Sport Science at university, a program that immersed her in hands-on experiences, including athlete testing and research in four fundamental aspects of sports: physiology, nutrition, psychology, and elite athlete training. These academic pursuits seamlessly align with her passion for sports photography, creating a sense of familiarity and purpose as she continues to amplify the voices and stories of black athletes in the world of sports.

Recent Clients

Aday, Adidas, BBC Sports, Cbeebies, EA7, DamiHow, Headspace, JD, Method, Monster Energy, Nike, Peanut, Peloton, Sports Direct


Tel. +44 7983556960


Instagram. leoniemayaisaac

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