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Valentines Edit: The Grand Rising

In life's vast journey, a balloon takes flight,

Our heart, the tether, seeking love's bright light.

With each step, we hold the tether tight and true,

Yet sometimes, love's path seems hidden from view.


In the chaos of the world, where doubts may arise,

The balloon of our heart may seem to disguise.

But deep within, a spark of self-love burns bright,

Guiding us through the darkest of night.


Through trials and tests, we may falter and fall,

Yet within ourselves, we find strength to stand tall.

For in the mirror's reflection, we see the truth clear,

That self-love is the beacon we hold dear.


So we rise again, like the sun at dawn,

Stronger and wiser, with love as our song.

With each setback, we level up and grow,

The balloon of our heart, ever ready to show.


In life's grand tapestry, we chart our part,

Bound to our heart, a masterpiece of art.

For in the journey of love, we always return,

To the self that we cherish, the lessons we learn.

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